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Efendi (2003)

Title: Efendi
Director: Baris Azman
Screenplay: Baris Azman
Length: 16 minutes
Format: s16mm 1.76:1 widescreen
Language: Turkish and Dutch

Subtitling: English

IMDBb listing

Efendi, (Turkish for Mister), is the story of a man who, because of his criminal past, has to flee the country. He decides to take his fourteen year old son with him. They’ve been apart so long that they hardly know eachother. The man decides to stop for a break at a empty parking place, to gather his thoughts. In the end, the whole film takes place in that parking spot, where both father and son get to know eachother and themselves.

Dutch Film Festiva,l Utrecht, The Netherlands. September 2003.

3rd Audience Award at the TEEK Film and Animation Festival, Breda, The Netherlands. September 2003

KunstKanaal screening, Amsterdam, Den Haag, Rotterdam. November 2003.


Blogger Mairosu said...

I'll be very short...and in English, for the sake of international audience.

I liked the film. I liked it very much. It has enough "mystique" to keep you busy, and the lead performance by mr. Yarar is simply towering. No diss to you, but I don't think film would be as good without him...he really carries it. If you see him, send him my compliments.

The scenery is appropriate, and I liked the use of split screens. It is obvious that you studied the 70s crime film, as the atmosphere draws from it, and you are attempting to emulate the likes of Siegel and such. I'd dearly love to see you doing an urban crime film with mixed Turkish/Dutch, if you could only get the sponsors for it. :D

-- Milos

10:27 AM  

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